That one essential quality every leader should possess

What is it that sets leaders apart? What makes them be seen in a completely different light? It’s not a charismatic voice or a degree from Harvard. It is simply the act of taking responsibility for making decisions that may affect their peers and subordinates. Parents deciding what sport they should get their child enrolled […]

Ten practical tips on the road to effective listening

Effective listening is an interpersonal skill that everyone should inculcate within themselves. It helps you be a better communicator, make meaningful relationships and there is always so much that you can learn from just listening. You’ll listen better and be better listened to if you consistently practice the following tips: 1. Let others express themselves […]

Anchoring changes one’s state from nervous to confident in mere 5 minutes

Basic NLP anchoring can be done by pairing a physical touch with a behavior or feeling you want to have at your disposal. Everyone’s life is affected by anchors, even though one does not set it up intentionally. Public speakers use it, athletes use it, sports people use it and millions of other ordinary people […]

How to Become a Better Decision Maker

Life is filled with choices. Some are easy, such as what to have for lunch, and others, more challenging like choosing a career. Regardless of how important the decision is, good decision making skills always come in handy. It helps you take quick and sound decisions when you are in a time crunch. Not being […]